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The Brand Book

The Cornell logo should appear prominently in all communication materials created by the university and its units.

To accommodate the technical needs of various media, there are versions of the Cornell logo for use in print and digital applications.

In all applications, the logo should be reproduced at a size that maintains the integrity of the mark and yields clean and legible lettering and art detail. The minimum size for the insignia of the logo in most applications is 7/8-inch diameter. There must be sufficient space around the logo to make it stand apart from other visual elements. Text, headlines, photographs, or illustrations should never be closer to the logo than 1/4 the diameter of the insignia.

When appropriate, logos of non-Cornell partner institutions—for example funding or research partners—may also be included in Cornell communication materials, as long as the Cornell logo’s safety area is maintained.

Please do not attempt to create art for the Cornell logo, insignia, or logotype for any application.

Download necessary files from the brand book website. In using the name of the university—in any and all media—use “Cornell University” on first reference, and “Cornell” on second reference. Always use these formal, official versions of the university name; never use “CU.”

Misuse of the Cornell logo

Do not use all caps.

Do not substitute another typeface for Palatino.

Do not use small caps.

Do not use different type sizes.

Do not use add letterspacing.

Do not stack "Cornell University."

Do not tighten letterspacing.

Do not center the logotype.